Tarpon Point Marina


Tarpon Point Marina is just a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico and some of the best cruising and fishing grounds in Florida. Our marina is located in a sheltered deepwater harbour and is safe from storms. Tarpon Point Marina has direct access to the Gulf of Mexico via the Caloosahatchee River.


The Marina

Tarpon Point Marina is located just off the I.C.W. at marker #92. Inside the marina basin we have a depth of 8 to 12 feet that can accommodate most vessels. As you enter the marina the fuel dock is on your port side and sells both gas and diesel. We offer special discounts on fuel to all our tenants with no charge for pump-outs.

We have 200 slips that can accommodate boats up to 75 feet, with special accommodations for boats up to 95 feet. 90% of the wet slips at the docking facility are available for rent to the general public on a "first come, first served" basis.

Harbour Master - Captain Rick Munson

Call - 239.549.4900
E-mail - Rmunson@tarponpoint.com

or  tarponpointmarina@hotmail.com

Ships Store

The Ships Store and Fuel Dock along with the Harbormaster’s office is at 6179 Black Marlin Lane with restrooms and showers that you would expect to see in a luxury home. The store sells a unique collection of nautical items, marine supplies and clothing as well as beer and soda.

Fishing Charters
Warm Gulf Waters, rivers and mangrove habitat makes you able to fish all year round. This is one of the few places on earth where you can fish saltwater and fresh water in a single day.
The area is regaled for its tarpon and grouper, large salt water game fish found in spring and summer. Other saltwater catches include shark, amberjack, cobia and much more. Year-round freshwater fishing yields snapper, redfish and trout. Snook are a prize inshore catch, and cobia, spanish mackerel and even tarpon will move inland as the waterways become salty.

If you go out for a trip with your family, sometimes the kids can spot dolphins swimming nearby, while you drop your line.

Here is a list of the fish to be found in our area:
Black drum, Cobia, Grouper, Mackerel, Redfish, Sheep Head, Mangrove Snapper, Tarpon, Trout, Triple Tail and much more.

With our special shallow-water guided tour boats we lead you to the best fishing spots. We are fully equipped with fishing poles, tackle, cool beverages, ice and you can watch our Captain's catch live bait with the net. All you need is a hat and sun block. Enjoy the untouched nature around Cape Coral, drive with us between Mangroves and through the nature canals.

Enjoy a wonderful day on the water with a captain who knows the waters, and at the end of the day he will filet the fish you have caught and prepare it for your dinner.
Shelling, Sunset & Dolphin Tours
The Silver King is our 45 food Corinthian catamaran for up to 38 guests plus 2 crew members. With its two 225 HP engines it reaches a cruising speed of 20 miles per hour.
Experience the relaxation of the Silver King as you enjoy panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caloosahatchee River under the cool shade of the boat's canopy.
Shelling, Sunset, Dolphin and private Tours adventures are offered aboard this Catamaran. It is ideal for charter trips, guided tours and sunset cruises, as well as for birthday parties, company parties, weddings, water taxi and much more.

Dolphin Cruise $30/person - Children $15

Call us at 239.549.4900

Eco Guided Tours
Enjoy the untouched nature around Cape Coral, drive with us between Mangroves and through the nature canals. Watch Pelicans, silver Herons, gray Herons, Ospreys, Eagles and much more different species. Sometimes Dolphins accompany us, they come so close to the boat you can almost touch them. Manatees and Turtles surface by the side of the boat, a tour you will never forget.
Boat Rentals

We rent Hurricane Deck Boats of different sizes to experienced boaters. If you don't have any boating experience you can take a lesson with a licensed captain, the price is $ 75 per hour, minimum 2 hours.
All boats are insured with a $1000 deductable and equipped with coast guard equipment, anchor, lines, charts, and fenders.

Rental time is from 9 am to 4 pm, plus 6 % Tax, plus gas usage.

22 ft  Hurricane Sundeck Boat $350
24 ft. Hurricane Sundeck Boat $450
26 ft. Hurricane Sundeck Boat $550

26 ft  Avalon Catalina Pontoon $550
Email address:  Boatrental@tarponpoint.com

Call - 239.549.4900

Hurricane Deck Boat - 22ft
max - 8 people


Hurricane Deck Boat - 24ft
max - 10 people


Hurricane Deck Boat - 26ft
max - 12 people



Avalon Catalina Pontoon - 26ft
max - 14 people


Kayak Paddleboard Rentals

We are renting out Single or Tandem Kayaks and paddleboards to explore the beautiful mangrove islands and creeks right around the corner of the Marina.
You may see Manatees and Dolphins, Eagles, Ospreys in this peaceful trip.

Single Kayaks: $30 for 2 hours/each add. hour $15
Tandem Kayaks: $45 for 2 hours/each add. hour $20
Paddleboard: $30 for 2 hours/each add. hour $15

For information and reservations call Tarpon Point Marina at 239-549-4900

Marina Rules & Regulations
Tarpon Point Marina provides these facilities for your comfort and convenience. For the safety and enjoyment of the marina, it is required that all boat owners, their crew, and guests abide by the following rules and regulations.
  1. All vessels must be registered with the Harbormaster upon arrival. Assignment of your slip will be received at that time.
  2. The rules of the road and the navigation laws of the United States apply to all vessels in or approaching the docking facilities at Tarpon Point Marina.
  3. All vessels entering the marina are under immediate jurisdiction of the Harbormaster at Tarpon Point Marina.
  4. All vessels shall utilize the pump out facilities located at the entrance to the basin prior to berthing at Tarpon Point Marina. The charge for the service is included in your slip rental. All vessel wastewater, including those from the head, galley, shower, and bilge, shall be directed to onboard storage tanks for later disposal via the marina pumpout facility. At no time shall any of these wastewater’s be discharged into the marina basin.
  5. No use of on board heads, showers, or clothes washers shall be permitted in the marina basin.
  6. The Harbormaster or his/her designee will periodically inspect vessels to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations. Owners shall maintain their vessel (s) in a seaworthy condition, with due regard to fire hazards, and shall be responsible for pumping their vessel (s) when needed. Vessels showing unusual leakage must be repaired or removed from the marina. Should any vessel sink in the marina, it shall be the responsibility of the owner and/or operator thereof to remove same from the marina immediately upon notification and without cost or expense to the Tarpon Point Marina. Should such a sunken vessel pose a threat of leaking fuel into the water, Tarpon Point Marina reserves the right to remove said vessel and to assess the owner and/or operator for said removal expenses and other expenses incurred, including, but not limited to attorneys' fees.
  7. Discharge of sewage, oil, or any harmful product into the waters of the marina is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result in immediate eviction from the marina and the owner of the vessel will be liable for any and all fines and costs and expenses associated with the discharge. Engine maintenance and repair which could result in discharge of oils and greases or other deleterious substances into the water is strictly prohibited.
  8. All pets must be leashed within the confines of the docking facilities and toiletted only in designated areas. Pets will only be permitted if they do not disturb the other guests at Tarpon Point Marina. Animals are not allowed in restrooms.
  9. The docks and finger piers shall be kept clear of all stored materials (dinghies, dock boxes, cleaners, grills, plants, etc.) Dinghy racks have been provided at the northeast and northwest corners of the marina for your use.
  10. No bicycles or motorbikes are permitted on the docks. All bicycles and motorbikes must be kept on board of your vessel.
  11. There shall be absolutely no smoking or open flames permitted within any area of fuel supply at the marina.
  12. Signs, unauthorized hose racks, cleats, or any fixed device must be pre-approved by the Harbormaster.
  13. No live-aboards are allowed per the Department of Environmental Regulation and per conditions of permits granted for the construction of Tarpon Point Marina. Boaters are permitted to stay overnight 5 consecutive days for a total of 10 within any 30 day period.
  14. All tenants must display a Blue Parking Pass in the windshield of their automobile. Vehicles left in the parking area for any extended period of time (more than 2 days), a key must be left at the Harbormaster's office for emergency removal.
  15. No maintenance work is to be performed on the docks at Tarpon Point Marina. This includes use of any power tools, paints, or varnishes. Hull scraping and painting shall be prohibited within the marina basin.
  16. All outside contractors shall be required to provide an insurance certificate including: general liability, workman's compensation, and slip repairer's legal liability. They will report to the Harbormaster's office stating the nature of their visit.
  17. Vessel owners and/or operators are solely responsible for the proper docking or mooring of their vessel (s), and are required to maintain mooring and/or docking lines in good condition and of sufficient strength to secure their vessels at all times. In the event of a storm, owners are required to take all necessary precautions for the safety of their vessel(s).
  18. Vessels shall be refueled only at the designated refueling site. Vessel operator must shut off all engines during refueling Observance of all Coast Guard safety precautions must be followed during fueling.
  19. The Tarpon Point Marina shall retain and enforce the right to inspect any vessel in the marina area to determine seaworthiness, cleanliness, proper mooring and/or docking and compliance with local and. federal fire safety requirements.
  20. No swimming, diving or fishing will be permitted within the marina area.
  21. No vessel shall be operated in the marina or channel so as to create a wake and under no circumstances shall a vessel be operated in excess of the established speed limit of 5 m.p.h.
  22. Disorder, depredations or indecorous conduct by owner, operator and/or guest of above shall constitute cause for immediate removal of the vessel in question from the marina.
  23. No advertising or soliciting will be permitted, except with the prior written consent of the Harbormaster.
  24. Vessels operated after sunset in the marina shall be properly equipped with navigational lights and be operated in accordance with the, U.S. Coast Guard regulations.
  25. Marina users are required to comply with all county, state, and federal regulations pertaining to the operation of vessels.
  26. Failure to comply with any of these regulations may make a vessel subject to removal from the marina.
  27. Use of barbecues prohibited.
  28. The rules and regulations are subject to change by the Tarpon Point Marina with or without notice.
In accordance with the Department of Environmental Protection rules under which the marina was approved, at least 90% of the berths within this facility have been made available for rental by the general public.
Beach Run
Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat – Depart 10am/ Return 3pm
$ 25 per person, $ 15 for children under 12

Hop aboard as we head over to the beautiful, white sandy beaches of Fort Myers Beach for the day. The boat will park at Nervous Nellies under the Matanzas Bridge. Enjoy shopping, dining and the beautiful beaches and pier!